Akihabara tokyo

Akihabara, or simply Akiba, is the electronic district of Tokyo. The area is home to many electronics stores, some of which have multiple floors, and is the ideal place for those looking for the latest in the world of technology. The district has also become a hub for game, anime and manga lovers, as it has many stores selling items related to anime (Japanese cartoons) and their characters. It is so popular in the Japanese capital that on Sundays, the main street of the district is closed so that pedestrians can shop in peace.

Walking through the streets of Akiba is a surprising experience, as the area is home to many game stores. Some stores look like a small door, but when you enter, you will find a building with several floors and an infinite number of products!

In the country, arcade machines and claw crane (this type of game where you try to “catch” a product with a claw) are very popular. There are stores on several floors dedicated to this type of games. Some Japanese people frequent these stores, so it is very common to find people in front of these machines trying to win prizes. If you like games, Akiba will be a paradise!

In Akihabara, you will find not only stores selling new products and games, but also old video games that have become relics. The place also has products for collectors, miniature character stores and maid cafes, which are restaurants where the waitresses are dressed up as anime characters.

For those looking for electronics, shopping options are plentiful and you’re sure to find just about anything that runs on a battery or is plugged into the mains. Some of the main stores in the area include Laox, Sofmap and the energetic Yodobashi Camera. Note that in stores that have multiple floors, it can be difficult to find what you are looking for. Be aware that each floor is usually dedicated to one type of product.