The best time to visit Tokyo in Japan is from May to October, with pleasant to warm weather and very little rainfall. The highest average temperature in Tokyo is 30°C in August and the lowest is 9°C in January. The water temperature ranges from 13°C to 25°C.

Tokyo has an oceanic climate. If you want to know what is the average temperature in Tokyo or when it rains and when it snows.

Climate of Tokyo

Tokyo has an oceanic climate. It rains every month of the year. The average annual temperature in Tokyo is 19 degrees and 216 mm of rain falls per year. It does not rain for 222 days a year, the average humidity is 72% and the UV index is 4.

Weather in Tokyo by month

January 9°C 48 F
February 9°C 48 F
March 13°C 55 F
April 17°C 62 F
May 22°C 71 F
June 24°C 75 F
July 29°C 84 F
August 30°C 86 F
September 27°C 80 F
October 21°C 70 F
November 16°C 61F
December 11°C 52 F